Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Best Day of My Life

I am really on a roll with the blogging lately. Don't mistake this as me being efficient, timely, and/or "on the ball" in any general sense. It's just that my brain is too used up to do any of the million things that are on my to do list. I would write them down but you would get very bored reading it. Suffice it to say, there are so many of them that they come in genres. Yuck.

But this morning is an absolutely glorious morning, and do you want to know why? Because I slept until I woke up. Woke up on my own without some dirty @$%(#! alarm clock telling me to. In fact, I slept so hard and so long that I feel a little drooly and stupid. But it's a beautiful feeling :)

Another boner (*cough*bonus*cough*) for the day is that I made an awesome discovery. This awesome discovery was preceded by a not-quite-so-awesome discovery, namely that since you have to renew your driver's license every 4 years and 16+4=20+4=24+4=28, that meant that I had to renew it this year. I actually knew this already, by some miracle, having managed to think about it a few months ago and put on my endless to-do list "renew license." I even debated putting my Seattle address on my new license, for the first time EVAR, since we (I mean Airbear) actually bought this residence.

However I woke up this morning and the not-quite-so-awesome discovery was that my birthday actually already happened almost a month ago. This means that I am already 28 and not 27-about-to-turn-28 (mildly annoying), and that my drivers license, which expires on my birthday, had already done so. And that, my dear friends, meant that I would have to go to the DMV and take the written test to renew my expired license. Every single part of that sounds like a pain in the ass.

But then today pulled through and continued being the best day of my life by revealing to me that my license, in fact, expires in 2008! I have no idea why this is: I must have bribed a DMV minion while renewing last time, or who knows, maybe I am getting younger. But the net result = no DMV today, which = yay!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the reason I got to sleep in was I told Puritannica's mannish best friend that I "would not be able to make" the 11am "x-rated" segment of Puritannica's bachelorette party today. Of course the truth is that "would not be able to make" is actually "do not want to go to" because I--prepare yourself, this is a shocker--am a bit of a prude when it comes to things like buying sex toys with a bunch of former co-worker girls that I am not really friends with. Now if there was an x-rated party with LaRue and Eagle and my mom, sure. We would look at the moichandise and I would gasp and blush and there would be lots of giggling and drinking mimosas. But with Puritannica, who once got offended at the lifestyle of a character in a book?! No thanks. Besides I did not feel like getting up, driving to Redmond for an 11am x-rated party, and having to stay with those people all damn day (and night) long. The second part of the bachelorette party starts at 6pm at a fancy Italian restaurant in KenandBarbieland. I figure going to that is sufficient punishment--err, participation--for me. And if it's not, well...yes it is :)

The really unfortunate part is that I don't think it will progress the way a real bachelorette party should--with Puritannica taking blowjob shots, dancing on a bar, getting hit on, and all of us co-attendees getting a free pass to be silly and have fun wherever we chose to barhop to. We'll just go to this restaurant, pay too much for Italian food, and listen to Puritannica gush for three more hours about the guy she's going to marry. Or, to be honest, about the fact that she is getting married. Because that's really what it's about. Plus it's in Bellevue, so I can't just drink champagne to improve the conversation. Jerks :P

Oh well, at least for the moment, it is the happiest morning of my life! Let later take care of itself :)

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