Monday, May 21, 2007


Yes, there really needed to be three separate pictures. Otherwise, how could you see the multiple layers of gladware containers worth of food filling my freezer?

Last weekend, I helped LaRue write this bullshit paper for her education program and so this weekend she was forced (by her own deal) to be my indentured servant and prep chef. We made:

8 servings Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
7 servings Lentil Soup
9 servings Beef Stew
8 servings Tortilla Soup
5 (huge) servings Salsa Soup
1 big container of fresh salsa

And prepped ingredients for dinner tonight, which was:

8 servings Southwestern Chicken Pot Pie

Some recipes are linked above (and Tortilla Soup has been posted before). We just kind of made up beef stew as we went, and I have to say it turned out really nice looking. I have to say nice looking because of course I have not had a chance to eat any of it yet. If you like maffs, you will have already added up the above serving count and realized that, not including the salsa, we made 45 meals. I have had the opportunity to eat one bowl of salsa soup (really just like tomato soup with peppers, pretty mild - the best thing about it is you make a quesadilla w/it to dip), one bowl of chicken and wild rice soup, and one serving of southwestern chicken pot pie which--oddly enough--was not in the slightest bit red, which I expect all "southwestern" things to be. Cuminy, but good. I think it could use some red peppers--something else I expect all southwestern things to have.

Also interesting to note, when I added up the cost of the groceries I bought (minus the ingredients for sub stoup, which I have not made yet) and divided it by 45, I found out that each of these delicious homemade meals cost $2.08.

Now we just have to get hungry, so that we eat a bunch of this stuff and free up some of my gladware containers so I can make the sub stoup and some of this.

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