Thursday, August 16, 2007

Microwave Man

This post is going to have to be "in and out in a minute," a favorite euphemism of an old friend of mine, because I am about to leave and go eat some exquisitely terrible food and drink what I hope will be a giggle-fying amount of alcohols. Because it is Thursday and in the land of my school, Thursday = exhaustion.

Besides that, I am getting A Promotion (TM) and moving to the Seattle Campus. I thought I had a week to train my replacement, and then I would move over to Seattle and get trained for a week before the current guy leaves. Turns out his last week is NEXT week so I am going to do both training and being trained at the same time, including some free work tomorrow on my "day off" and who knows maybe even Saturday too. Oh, what I do to take care of the kiddies.

Their parents should buy me drinks for that!


Anyway the condo is starting to feel more like home, I realized today as I came home and checked the mailbox. The mailbox was empty, but still. I have a mail key now, and I didn't before (because there was only one key at the old apartment). Somehow that makes it feel more like a home, because I can check the mail. I also did a load of laundry in our washer & dryer last night, and I know this is going to sound funny but the newness of having a W&D in our own place instead one giant laundry room down in the basement makes doing laundry seem more exciting than it really should be. Of course, our W&D is also not busted and does not require $145 in quarters to run. Hotness.

In unrelated news, LaRue is debating not writing in her blog because it's fall and she's going to be student teaching and she always gets paranoid at this time of the year. Like, ZOMFG, a parent might read my blog and find out I swear.

She really needs to understand this is a bad idea, because her blog is one of my primary sources of entertainment when I come home from work. I am too tired to read anything longer than a blog entry, and it is funny. I do not want to have to become one of those people who reads blogs about "politics". Gross.

If you know LaRue (and you should!), you should post a picket sign outside her house. Something like "Blog Free!" would be good. Red, White & Blue.

Oh! And also: feel free to either a) congratulate me on my new promotion (!) or 2) send me a bunch of advil and/or a flask for once I actually get there and realize what a 2.5x busier campus feels like :)

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