Friday, May 2, 2008

Pay your bills, pay your bills...

So the little automated reminder went off today, time to pay my bills. I get out my handy, dandy bill-payin' chart and do one of my favorite things which is check all the card accounts I recently paid off to make sure they are still at zero[1]. Well anyway after I did that, I only had two bills to pay! Isn't that exciting?! That's not to say I only have two bills, i.e., total - there are a couple things like my school loans that come out after the next paycheck - but only two credit card bills to pay. Hooray! I paid the minimum on the one that's locked at 2.99% for life (the lowest one), and dumped all my bill-payin' money onto the other one. Not a big huge payment, but every little bit helps, and I left enough in my account to cover my school loan payment (just in case it goes through before payday) so when I get the bigger check on the 15th I'll get to make another (and hopefully bigger) dent in Next Goal Credit Card(TM). I must say it feels pretty cool to be down to just two little numbers between me and the absence of consumer debt![3]

[1] This might sound kind of anal retentive. And it is. But it's also just paranoia that I had some minuscule balance left during part of the last billing cycle and they'll have charged me like three cents interest for it and I won't notice and end up with late fees, bad credit, and the assault of several credit card company employees on my hands[2].

[2] This is just a joke, officer.

[3] Or do school loans count as consumer debt? Oh well, I'm not counting them!

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