Friday, January 9, 2009

TV Revelations

So I was watching Sex and the City episodes with LaRue today (okay, so it's DVDs and not TV but whatever), and there is this episode where the main character has broken off her engagement. Her fiancee had moved in with her and her apartment had gone from a rental to a co-op, which he had bought so they could live in it. It's complicated, but anyway the point is he owned the apartment, and so after they broke up she had the choice to move (but she'd lived there for ten years and didn't want to move, and couldn't afford any other apartments) or to buy the apartment. So she goes to the bank to get a loan, and has like $700 in the bank. No loan, obviously, and she has a major freak out. It goes something along these lines:

I just broke off my engagement, and in the middle of dealing with that heartbreak (which is bad enough), I have no money, I have no assets, I'm a 35 year old single woman and I have nothing and I can't get a loan and I can't afford to live somewhere else and now I'm going to be forced to live in the streets and I don't know what to dooooooooooooooooooooo! *sob*

I'm sure this is supposed to be a very emotional moment, but instead of sympathy and concern, I felt a rushing surge of defiance, strength, and pride. Why? Because I am not that girl. I may get broken up with (you never know, I suppose), but even if I did, I have an emergency fund big enough to cover first, last and deposit at a new apartment; I have a solid job which is *knock on wood* recession proof and, besides that, a solid resume with very marketable skills; I have a retirement account of my own and a way to fund it; I have my own bank account(s); I have a strong network, both personally and professionally; and besides that, I am only 29. By the time I am 35, I will have enough set aside for a down payment on a house of my own, should I need to buy a house of my own, and I will know that independent of any man I am in control of my financial future.

Take that, Carrie Bradshaw!

[Obviously Airbear is going to marry me by then and hang on to me forever, since I am such an incredible catch and have the financial habits to make us millionaires, which he certainly needs the help with. But you know. I'm just sayin'. I'm covered.]

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