Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Just a quick p0ast tonight, as I am very sleepy. I've been working some long days, trying to get enrollments up school. I seem to be getting more parents wanting me to "entertain" (?) them, show them lots of snazzy science experiments and dazzle their kids with how FUN learning is. While we do make an effort to make sure that it is, indeed, fun wherever possible--it's educational therapy. These are kids who need to make up credits, who need re-teaching or to work at their own pace. The problem is they have been in "fun" classes where they do a lot of art projects and "discover" concepts (or don't) and, most importantly, work in groups, because that is the solution to all educational problems today, in case you didn't know. Anyway it's made me feel really supremely irritated but I smile and I dazzle them (as best I can) because I want to try and stay optimistic and high-energy at work and get those enrollments. Some days are easier than others. Days that end at 8:30 pm are amongst said "others." But at least I persevered and ate dinner at home... and it's one day closer to payday!

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