Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Redux

No-Spend Days: 20 (didn’t set a goal, just tried to get as many as possible)
No Eating Out Days: 28 (!)
Extra Income: $158.77 ($101 bonus from Sterling Savings Bank, $20 amazon from surveys, $37.77 interest)
Money Into Savings: $ Oh, I transferred it back and forth so many times I have no idea now. So I’m just going to start listing my percentage for my total savings goals: 51.79%!
Retirement Savings: $195.60
Workout Days: 7 (not terrible!)
Books Finished: 3
Times Flossed: 8
Letters/Cards/Contacts: 0 – fail! Need to improve :(
Progress on 2009 Goals:
  • paid extra on my Bank of Mom debt – 2 additional payments!
  • have kept my card paid off each month – monthly goal MET!
  • kept my credit union savings/checking account balances above $750 in each account to take advantage of the special rate – monthly goal MET!
  • met all of the monthly requirements for my Checking ++ account – monthly goal MET!
  • I received my $101 bonus from the Sterling Savings Bank promotion. Yay! (I then immediately transferred the money to a different bank that pays more interest, and no I do not feel bad one bit!) Goal MET!
  • Did one month of auto-deposits into the new US Bank account – need to do this for 60 days before I get my bonus from them, too. Halfway there!
  • continued contributing to my SIMPLE IRA (w/matching)
  • kept my “Little EF” above $1,000
  • continued contributing to my “Big EF” (if only a little this month, as I needed to get some into the Wedding Fund so we could pay the Wedding Planner.. exciting!)
  • continued to post on the No-/Controlled-Spend thread, but this time I didn’t set a goal, just wanted to see how many I would accrue. I still did very well, and I think I like this way better – that way all of the no-spend days feel like victories instead of just stressing about the ones I “missed.”
  • I worked out only 7 times … but more of those were dancing, so I’m going to try to continue that, since it’s a work out regimen I might actually stick with!
  • staying positive at work was a little harder, as it’s slowing down for the summer. Stressful!
  • stayed caught up on all my surveys and am trying to check into that email account frequently so I can do them before they expire.
  • did pretty well being patient this month!
  • utter failure on the “staying in contact” goal… definitely need to turn this one around in July!

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