Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho, ho, ho

I am having a hard time holding on to my money as the holidays approach. I bought a little prize for each of my instructors (a $10 BN gift certificate), but I feel that makes me a good boss who shows appreciation for her workers. So I'm okay with that. But then I also spent like $50 on supplies to make cookies for a couple of Airbear's friends (and only a couple, because most of the rest are big DBs), and then last night went out to industry night with LaRue, who has not been out in a really long time.

Well lo and behold I spent like $40 on dinner and drinks. Damn it.

Then again, the entertainment was worth it :) Now just have to stay out of the movie theater and keep from buying extraneous Christmas presents for 4 more short days. Everyone has presents already, it should not be this hard!

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