Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been a long time... shouldn't'a left you...

...without a dope beat to step to *word*

It's from a song. Timbaland is on it. That makes it awesome.


Budget update for this month is not super-impressive... the overall debt total went down about $200, and the overall savings/retirement went up about $100. But at least both of those things moved in the right direction during a month when I had to pay nearly five hundred dollars for car insurance.

The awesome part is that the car insurance is paid in full, out of the bank and not on a credit card and I still managed to make positive progress on the debt. Maybe it's only a little bit of progress, but it's still progress and I'm happy about it!

You'll get another update next month, and hopefully I'll get a big fat back-to-school bonus and be able to have a bigger, more exciting update next time. Speaking of back to school, make sure and be nice to some teachers you know this month! :)