Saturday, August 18, 2007


Airbear is still not awake, because he is a bum. As I can't really put away any more of the random moving crap (due to the fact that the crap that's left is all Airbear's), I am not being responsible and proactive and working on my procert stuff or curriculum planning.

Instead I am making a cinnamon crumb cake. It will be delicious.

The Best Day of My Life

I am really on a roll with the blogging lately. Don't mistake this as me being efficient, timely, and/or "on the ball" in any general sense. It's just that my brain is too used up to do any of the million things that are on my to do list. I would write them down but you would get very bored reading it. Suffice it to say, there are so many of them that they come in genres. Yuck.

But this morning is an absolutely glorious morning, and do you want to know why? Because I slept until I woke up. Woke up on my own without some dirty @$%(#! alarm clock telling me to. In fact, I slept so hard and so long that I feel a little drooly and stupid. But it's a beautiful feeling :)

Another boner (*cough*bonus*cough*) for the day is that I made an awesome discovery. This awesome discovery was preceded by a not-quite-so-awesome discovery, namely that since you have to renew your driver's license every 4 years and 16+4=20+4=24+4=28, that meant that I had to renew it this year. I actually knew this already, by some miracle, having managed to think about it a few months ago and put on my endless to-do list "renew license." I even debated putting my Seattle address on my new license, for the first time EVAR, since we (I mean Airbear) actually bought this residence.

However I woke up this morning and the not-quite-so-awesome discovery was that my birthday actually already happened almost a month ago. This means that I am already 28 and not 27-about-to-turn-28 (mildly annoying), and that my drivers license, which expires on my birthday, had already done so. And that, my dear friends, meant that I would have to go to the DMV and take the written test to renew my expired license. Every single part of that sounds like a pain in the ass.

But then today pulled through and continued being the best day of my life by revealing to me that my license, in fact, expires in 2008! I have no idea why this is: I must have bribed a DMV minion while renewing last time, or who knows, maybe I am getting younger. But the net result = no DMV today, which = yay!

Oh and I forgot to mention that the reason I got to sleep in was I told Puritannica's mannish best friend that I "would not be able to make" the 11am "x-rated" segment of Puritannica's bachelorette party today. Of course the truth is that "would not be able to make" is actually "do not want to go to" because I--prepare yourself, this is a shocker--am a bit of a prude when it comes to things like buying sex toys with a bunch of former co-worker girls that I am not really friends with. Now if there was an x-rated party with LaRue and Eagle and my mom, sure. We would look at the moichandise and I would gasp and blush and there would be lots of giggling and drinking mimosas. But with Puritannica, who once got offended at the lifestyle of a character in a book?! No thanks. Besides I did not feel like getting up, driving to Redmond for an 11am x-rated party, and having to stay with those people all damn day (and night) long. The second part of the bachelorette party starts at 6pm at a fancy Italian restaurant in KenandBarbieland. I figure going to that is sufficient punishment--err, participation--for me. And if it's not, well...yes it is :)

The really unfortunate part is that I don't think it will progress the way a real bachelorette party should--with Puritannica taking blowjob shots, dancing on a bar, getting hit on, and all of us co-attendees getting a free pass to be silly and have fun wherever we chose to barhop to. We'll just go to this restaurant, pay too much for Italian food, and listen to Puritannica gush for three more hours about the guy she's going to marry. Or, to be honest, about the fact that she is getting married. Because that's really what it's about. Plus it's in Bellevue, so I can't just drink champagne to improve the conversation. Jerks :P

Oh well, at least for the moment, it is the happiest morning of my life! Let later take care of itself :)

Friday, August 17, 2007


So last night was a pretty successful outing. We started at Industry Night, where I ate chicken strips & taters w/gravy (*insert choir of angelic voices*). We didn't hang out there too long, because there weren't a lot of people around and LaRue suggested we go to her favorite place in the universe, which is a dueling piano bar. Because LaRue is usually very responsible--indeed, one might even say abstemious--when she decides to go out I go along. Besides, you never know what might happen. She ended up getting hit on my some deutschbag(1) in a houndstooth fedora and the 85-year-old piano player. I'm really not kidding. The piano player was in a purple suit, too. But LaRue's boyfriend, the other piano player (who is fewer than 85 years old) wasn't there so before long we headed up to The Pub (TM). Obviously.

Once there, we met back up with Leo and one of his new coworkers. Now, I try to reserve judgement, but--wait, who the hell am I kidding. I never reserve judgement. Judgement is my specialty. This guy is a royal pain in the ass. He's dweeby, but that doesn't usually bother me too much. The thing is...he doesn't know he's dweeby. He is convinced that he is actually charismatic, witty, and Brad-Pitt-tastic. I can assure you that none of these things is remotely true. He made a bunch of not-funny quips at which he himself (and only he himself) laughed and at one point pulled me over. It's kind of hard to explain but I was standing, facing away from him, and he sort of grabbed my sides and pulled me backward so I landed on my butt on the booth seat. I wasn't hurt or anything but I gave a little surprised shriek and The Pub People looked over and I just was sort of embarassed instead of punching the guy in the junk like I should have. I think even Leo wanted to kill the dude. He sent an apologetic text message at 2am and Leo never apologizes for anything. So it wasn't just my usual intolerance, the guy really was a jackass :)

But I danced with LaRue and sang my head off at the piano bar, because that is what girls do when someone starts playing
Bonnie Tyler. Leo and I also gave each other a bunch of crap in the pub, which always entertains me to no end, and my sweet, good Airbear not only went along with us two crazy broads to the piano bar but also (and not for the first time) gave LaRue cash to go up and give the piano players, because she never has any ca$h monies and they were playing shitty country music. (Not only can you pay them to sing, you can pay them to stfu.) What a good Airbear!

So while I did the perfect amount of drinking last night and was able to blow off some serious steam, I did not get to do the perfect amount of sleeping in because of my StupidFridayMeeting. I plan on remedying this situation posthaste.

P.S. Two blog days in a row, BLAM!!

(1) look at me sprecken'in ze deutsch!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Microwave Man

This post is going to have to be "in and out in a minute," a favorite euphemism of an old friend of mine, because I am about to leave and go eat some exquisitely terrible food and drink what I hope will be a giggle-fying amount of alcohols. Because it is Thursday and in the land of my school, Thursday = exhaustion.

Besides that, I am getting A Promotion (TM) and moving to the Seattle Campus. I thought I had a week to train my replacement, and then I would move over to Seattle and get trained for a week before the current guy leaves. Turns out his last week is NEXT week so I am going to do both training and being trained at the same time, including some free work tomorrow on my "day off" and who knows maybe even Saturday too. Oh, what I do to take care of the kiddies.

Their parents should buy me drinks for that!


Anyway the condo is starting to feel more like home, I realized today as I came home and checked the mailbox. The mailbox was empty, but still. I have a mail key now, and I didn't before (because there was only one key at the old apartment). Somehow that makes it feel more like a home, because I can check the mail. I also did a load of laundry in our washer & dryer last night, and I know this is going to sound funny but the newness of having a W&D in our own place instead one giant laundry room down in the basement makes doing laundry seem more exciting than it really should be. Of course, our W&D is also not busted and does not require $145 in quarters to run. Hotness.

In unrelated news, LaRue is debating not writing in her blog because it's fall and she's going to be student teaching and she always gets paranoid at this time of the year. Like, ZOMFG, a parent might read my blog and find out I swear.

She really needs to understand this is a bad idea, because her blog is one of my primary sources of entertainment when I come home from work. I am too tired to read anything longer than a blog entry, and it is funny. I do not want to have to become one of those people who reads blogs about "politics". Gross.

If you know LaRue (and you should!), you should post a picket sign outside her house. Something like "Blog Free!" would be good. Red, White & Blue.

Oh! And also: feel free to either a) congratulate me on my new promotion (!) or 2) send me a bunch of advil and/or a flask for once I actually get there and realize what a 2.5x busier campus feels like :)

Monday, August 6, 2007


1. We moved into a new condo. It is teh awesome. We have put away the books, but there are still approximately 135 million things left to do. Among the fascinating highlights: the washer/dryer repair guy comes on Saturday (4th and hopefully final attempt), a giant Chinese wardrobe gets delivered on Saturday (since we went from 4 to 1.5 closets), and at least 14 miles of cable needs to be strung throughout the condo to hook up Airbear's electronic paraphernalia. But the condo is beautiful and is starting to feel homier. Even the kitties think so.

2. They are going to start doing curriculum/program audits every other week at all the campuses at my work. While this is good news, and ensures a higher level of educational quality (since our hyperbole-adverse but academically hard-assed ed. director will be conducting them), I nonetheless wish it wasn't starting on a week in which I have no time to go through and pre-audit the folders myself :) I did start doing it tonight though and got 8 of 26 done. Yes, that is only 30% (30.8%, actually), but it is still better than none, which is how many I had done this morning.

3. O.G. is coming to sub at my campus on Wednesday! Man, I heart that old guy!

4. I found out that Puritannica is having a bachelorette party on Aug 18 and I have to go, since I missed both the other two parties she got to throw for herself for getting married. Geez, how many parties does one person get to have?! The answer, apparently, is a lot. She better knock it off, though, because there is only so much of my time I am going to allow to be monopolized over this marriage. I can't complain too much, though, because so far I have avoided all the other parties. Ha.

5. I am trying to put together my campus schedule for fall. This is made slightly more difficult by the fact that I have no teachers. Well, one teacher. I hired another who can work for exactly 4 hours per week, and a second teacher who, although limited in subject range, at least allows me to once and for all get rid of the Texter. (And there was much rejoicing. Yaaay!)

6. I cooked my first dinner in the new place tonight. Sure it was only a quesadilla, but I used the oven and everything! Now if I could only find the pizza cutter.

More to come later :)