Friday, September 2, 2011

Eventually there will be a post that *isn't* a fly-by

...but this isn't it. As we ramp up for the "start of the school year" (we're open all year long but we get a big influx around this time of year) I am working on not losing my mind. Oh, and I just got laser eye surgery yesterday! Ha! Big things going on over here. Anyway, I'm rushing off to put in my ten thousandth set of eye-drops and maybe break for some food, but in the meantime:

No-Spend Days: 16
No Eating Out Days: 26 (Really surprised this isn’t higher)
Extra Income: $110.81 ($81.65 from surveys – see what happens when you stop doing them – and $29.16 in interest)
Progress Toward Savings Goal: 44.56%
Retirement Savings: $171.74
Work-Out Days: 5 (better!)
Books Finished: 0 – yep, that’s right, a big fat zero. Honestly, after summer quarter, I’m surprised I even remember *how* to read!