Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm not dead!

I promise! I just got really bad at tracking stuff, and then I got really busy, and then I got and stopped tracking anything entirely because now I can just click off things on that and get XP and level up my little pixelated heroine omgwtfbbq!!1! No, but seriously. So damn cute, and like heroin for compulsive to-do list people.

But I told myself I'd post my 2012 cumulative numbers (well, sort of cumulative, as you'll see), so here they are: 

TOTAL for 2012:
No-Spend Days: 118, maybe more? – took some months off tracking
No Eating Out Days: 141, maybe more? – took some months off tracking
Extra Income: $5592.21 ($746.99 from surveys (down—have really let these fall by the wayside this last quarter or so), $269.63 cash back from credit cards, $79.44 from selling books back on amazon (it’ll probably get down close to zero now that I’m not buying textbooks, alas), $2975 in work bonuses, $968.84 from expense reimbursements, $50.97 from my piggy bank, $20 for jury duty, $50.90 in bank bonuses, $9 for making dinner, $20 in an anniversary card, and $401.44 interest) HOLY CRAPBALLS, MAN. I guess the important thing I take away from this is there really are little bits of money coming in from random places—pay attention to them, squirrel them away, and they really do add up!
Retirement Savings: $6002.57 - more than twice as much as last year!
Work-Out Days: 2…? Can it really only be 2? I am laughing my butt off right now. Oh, if only that counted for working out.
No-Carb Days: 137, which is almost exactly twice the number from last year. This explains how I stayed in good shape (cat-suit shape at Halloween, even!) with all that sitting around on my butt.  However, the no-carb days basically ended after cat-suit day, and now it’s more like … well, you know. We have one skinny kitty and one not-so-skinny kitty. It’s like that.
Books Finished: 40 – 15 more than last year! Being finished with school for now definitely helped, as I could read things that were actually enjoyable for the most part.  I did “read” a few audiobooks as part of that 40, although it seemed like that only really worked for memoir-type books, otherwise the audiobook contained like 18 CD’s and was never done before the LYE-berry wanted it back. And I’m not going to BUY an audiobook. As if!

And now I get to go check something off the list and get my little heroine some shiny new armor! BIIIITTTCCHHHIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!