Monday, June 4, 2012

May Redux

No-Spend Days: 17
No Eating Out Days: 14
Extra Income: $702.76 ($108.70 from surveys (including 2 movie tickets), $250 in work bonuses, $308.04 from work reimbursements, and $36.02 interest). The rate on my rewards checking is all the way down to 1.75%! Ugh!
Retirement Savings: $419.39 (I increased this, but I need to check into some SIMPLE v. IRA strategizing, now that school’s out and my brain power will hopefully be returning)
Work-Out Days: 0
No-Carb Days: 22 (including an 18-day streak at the end – still going!)
Books Finished: 7!
Annoying Task at Work: 5/19 (but this is actually because work has been slammed – so that’s a good thing!)
Annoying Task at Home: 26/31
15+ Minutes of Surveys: 23/31 (the end of the month went to heck)
Flossing: 23/31 (same)
30+ Minutes Reading a Book (not HW): 26/31 (same)
Letting My Fingernails Grow Out: 9/31 (okay, honestly, I just let this one go for the last few weeks – it really has to be a streak anyway to make a difference)
No Soda Days: 31/31 – yes, really! All month long!