Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Man, I totally missed the memo

Did you know it is JULY now?! What the hell!  I think I must have hit my head and missed the first six months of the year. Honestly, what the heck is going on with this calendar.  Anyway, June results:

No-Spend Days: 12
No Eating Out Days: 12 (yikes!!)
Extra Income: $551.76 ($88.25 from surveys, $375 from work bonuses, $26.53 from my piggy bank, $38.78 selling books back on amazon, and $23.20 interest)
Retirement Savings: $467.02
Work-Out Days: 0 (heh)
No-Carb Days: 18/30 (including the end of a 35-day streak – new record!)
Books Finished: 5
Annoying Task at Work: 5/16 days (too busy still)
Annoying Task at Home: 19/30
15+ Minutes of Surveys: 12/30
Flossing: 9/30 (kind of fallen off the wagon here)
30+ Minutes Reading a Book (not HW): 17/30
Letting My Fingernails Grow Out: 0 – I let myself have the month off from worrying about this one
No Soda Days: 18/30

Actually, because I didn't realize it was the end of the month I missed getting my 12 debits for my rewards checking account (for the first time EVER! BOO!) and didn't get the special rate. What a giant bummer! Dumb mistake, too, as that is completely within my control. But it's a good reminder for next time.

I also need to do some research into IRAs and see a) if I qualify and b) if it would be better to put my above-employer-match contributions in one of those instead. I never looked into it when I was first learning about investing, because I figured I'd never be able to fill a Roth and, thus, need to worry about it. Now that I can't have a Roth, I need to make sure the work account is still the best place to put that extra.

Speaking of extra I am going to TOTALLY LOSE MY SHIT if our refi doesn't hurry up and go through. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE I WANT TO PAY OFF THIS THING!!! Heh. Sorry about that. Will go do some deep breathing exercises. Or, you know, call up the mortgage company ;)