Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Redux


No-Spend Days: 12 (Yeesh!)
No Eating Out Days: 17 (I decided to start counting when Airbear pays, too, so I expect this number to be lower from now on; but really, it’s a combined “big picture” now so I should be realistic!*)
Extra Income: $609.71(!!!) ($157.89 from work reimbursements, $225 from work bonuses (!), $160.29 from surveys, $25 from a bank referral, $4 for making dinner, and $37.53 interest)
Retirement Savings: $402.65 (I upped my contribution percentage – good job!)
Work-Out Days: 0
No-Carb Days: 6 (yeah, yikes)
Books Finished: 1
Annoying Task at Work: 6/15
Annoying Task at Home: 22/30
15+ Minutes of Surveys: 19/30
Flossing: 21/30
30+ Minutes Reading a Book (not HW): 18/30
Letting My Fingernails Grow Out: 18/30

*Unless I have food and am ready to cook at home and he forces me to go out :P

I also had 15 no soda days :) Still waiting for the refi to clear, though, so I can start actually *making* my extra payments. Gah, I hate waiting!