Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Day! (Almost)

Well, since it's Memorial Day Weekend, I figured we'd do some bbq'in on the roof. But this didn't quite happen, because a) the Seattle weather did not cooperate and 2) the response from our friends was underwhelming to say the least. Some of them had valid reasons, but others were just being lameasses. That has been happening a lot lately. But whatever, because they totally missed out on having delicious stuffed burgers!

I sauteed up some red onions and button mushrooms - the canned kind, since Airbear said they would be soft and juicy and that would help with the cooking. They seemed to work out fine, and since he eats them and I don't, I'll let him be the judge. Then I put that mixture and a slice of colby jack between two 1/4 lb. burger patties (pre-formed, 7% fat) and sealed up the sides. One side did come a little unsealed during cooking, but not too badly, and w/a couple slices of pepperjack on top, voila! Looked beautiful. As for me, I just had a single 1/4 lb. patty w/a slice of colby jack. I'm a simple girl.

There are still three patties in the fridge, as well as a bunch more mushrooms and onions and cheese. So I *could* make some more tomorrow - Bbq Attempt #3. But any lameasses need to bring their own meat. Plus some ice cream.

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