Friday, February 22, 2008


So I think I am driving Airbear crazy by updating him on the progress of my portfolio every time I get one tiny aspect of it done. But it's hard not to, because it is stupid and excruciating, and every little step is one step closer to Blessed Freedom (TM).

So I will update all of you instead. Since I am not technologically capable enough to make some sort of fancy graphic thermometer that would visually demonstrate my progress, I will just do it like this:

There are 12 entry essays.
7 are totally done
1 is done but needs a quote [1].
4 still need to be written but do have a quote

So that's actually a lot of progress! I did 4 entries last weekend, but it was a long weekend. So we'll see how many I can get done this weekend, but having almost all of the quotes done takes a lot of the irritation out of it. Imagine having to find a quote to prove why a goal is a good goal when the only reason you're pursuing the goal is because some group of legislative douchebags decided you should. Anyway, all of those are done but one so I can focus on just writing four articles worth of bs, gathering and organizing my little evidence pieces, and finding that last quote. Or paying someone to do it for me.

[1] By the way, if you want to find me a quote about why it is important to "remain current in your teaching subject areas, theories, research, and best practices" that would be awesome. Anything from any kind of book or educational journal article would work. Thank you!

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