Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back ... with a bang!

So I *meant* to update my blog on June 16, as I usually do, with my Debt Reduction Resolution Update (TM), but that was right in the middle of the last week of school and I was losing my mind. After that, I spent a couple of weeks being exceptionally lazy and as mindless as possible :)

But it's mid-month again, and I just got paaaaaaaid, so I decided to go online and make a few payments. Now I don't have my fancy budget database file with me (I'm not p0asting from home), so I can't give you the tremendous update figure you are so anxiously waiting for. That will have to be p0asted later. There are a couple of big things I *can* point out now, however!

1) I paid off my second-to-last credit card completely. Now there is only ONE left with a balance on it!

b) My only remaining credit card is locked in at a rate of 2.99%.

III) The amount on that card is less than I make in one month. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be able to pay it all off in one month (I will be paying my 6-month car insurance *IN CASH* next month after all), but still. That is a very reasonable target balance to have in my sights.

4) After that card is paid off, I will only owe money to my mom. And a) it's at 0% interest (currently! ha ha!) and 2) I really don't mind paying money to my mom. She's a nice lady.

So can you believe it? Only one credit card left to go...

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