Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So like I said I was reading through the Women in Red message boards again yesterday.. it's a nice way to stay motivated when I've made payments and am just stuck waiting around until the next payday. Some highlights (lowlights? surprises?):

* A thread entitled "29 years old and 74,532.84 in debt"

* Someone 475k in debt (including house debt - although the one above doesn't)

* People out of jobs

*People who got blasted by unexpected expenses

* Financial websites/suggestions

* Awarding little smiley emoticons for progress paying off debts

* Easy cheap dinner suggestions

* Dealing with identity theft

* Monthly/weekly/etc. financial "challenges" like spending less than x dollars on groceries, or going more than 7 days without spending any money, etc.

* A student who is $24k in debt but makes $719 a month

* A husband of 17 years who won't work on eliminating their family's debt

But my favorites are the groups. There is one called the "Women in Red Racers" - all women who are 'racing' (against themselves, but they do post the 'rankings' as well) to pay down their debt. Some people only have like $500, some have $500k - some from houses, some from cars, some all on credit cards, some their fault, some not. But they all post (all the time!) and support each other, push each other, are accountable to each other. I only have about $5k left but I up and joined and so I'll be able to post and encourage other people and share advice for what's worked for me so far. It's really amazing what good things the internet can do, you know? These women are all so supportive of each other, and are really giving each other a good kick in the butt when needed too. It's awesome. And, as a whole group, the "Women in Red Racers" (WIRR) have paid off a combined five million dollars in debt in two years.

Isn't that unbelievable?!?!?

The "Women in Red Savers" is another group - I'm sure you can guess the purpose. I plan on joining them after I "win" and "graduate" from the WIRR. Then I can start working on becoming a millionaire!

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