Monday, March 5, 2012

February Redux

Did finally do taxes, but am in the middle of final papers for my second-to-last quarter at school, so I have to wait to make my financial goals. (Agh!) Did some interest chasing this month, though, love that. :)


No-Spend Days: 14

No Eating Out Days: 17

Extra Income: $73.46 ($48.25 from surveys and $25.21 interest – rewards checking account is down to 2% – boo! – but I just opened another account that will get $1k to 6%. Come to me, Interest!!)

Progress Toward Savings Goals: Still not set yet – crazy busy! After last tuition payment – just one last one, hooray! :)

Retirement Savings: $245.60

Work-Out Days: 0

No-Carb Days: 7 (yeesh!)

Books Finished: 2

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