Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March MADNESS!!!!111!1ONE!!!!

Yeah, I'm really excited about March. Check me out:

No-Spend Days:13

No Eating Out Days:19

Extra Income: $581.12 ($0.90 from bank transfer set-ups (haha), $25 for a bank referral, $5 for cooking dinner*, $250 in bonuses from work**, $20 for jury duty**, $143.70 HSA reimbursement**, $20 we got in an anniversary card**, $62 from surveys, and $54.52 interest)

Retirement Savings: $263.32

Work-Out Days: 0

No-Carb Days: 16

Books Finished: 4, including 1 audiobook (I decided that I *am* going to count these, since the point is to get more stuff into my brain and not practice my decoding-via-the-eyeballs skills)

New (!) Goals (!!):

Annoying Task at Work: 9/16 days

Annoying Task at Home: 13/19 days

15+ Minutes of Surveys: 24/31 days (I missed every single Sunday, strangely)

Flossing: 23/24 days****

30+ Minutes Reading a Book (not HW): 18/19 days

Letting My Fingernails Grow Out: 4/4 days (REALLY, MOM!!)

The reason the New (!) Goals (!!) are all out of some-number-of-days is because I started them at different points in March. I started marking off accomplishments on a calendar… and then… well, you know… I made a sheet with some more goals… and… well… Oh, shut up, goals are awesome and checking things off is awesome and you are SO JEALOUS OF MY INCREDIBLE RAINBOW CHART(!):

Hmm, this photo looks much blurrier than I intended. But you get the idea, right? Awesomeness!

All in all, I think I seriously kicked March in the rear end! Now, April, on the other hand… Well, nevermind that for now. There are a lot of days yet to turn things around. ;)

* I told Airbear he had to pay me $1 every time I cooked dinner. And he agreed! Ha!

** Normally I wouldn’t have worried about counting these as “extra money,” but now that I have a specific goal for that extra money I really want to sock away *any*thing that’s “extra”!

**** My dental hygienist is going to flip out at my appointment on Friday!

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