Sunday, June 24, 2007

Trip P.S.

Besides the training part, I forgot to say that there was actually a fun part to last week's trip. Aaron flew down to meet me on Friday night! After a week by myself, I was very excited to have company, and jumped around like it was Christmas. We went out to dinner at a fancy French restaurant (because it happened to be open at like 11), and we slept in and missed the continental breakfast. Ha ha.

Then we drove up through San Francisco and went over the Golden Gate Bridge, which I took several photos of (but they turned out blurry and terrible). It was still pretty cool, and we went into Sausalito--which apparently is not just a kind of cookie! There is a cute little boardwalk that we walked up and down, and we had pizza and ice cream for lunch. Yay :)

Anyway it was a very nice, detoxifying end to the week. Plus I got company on the ride home :)

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