Monday, December 3, 2007

Good...and bad....but great!!

So I am currently baking a whole bunch of chicken that was on sale at the supermarket (and yet was amazingly low-fat and beautiful!), so that we will have some more freezer dinner options. A couple of the chicken breasts will turn into yummy tortilla soup, and the rest will just be for entrees. Two of the entree ones I rubbed with this stuff, which tastes quite delicious. Not the kind of thing I'd usually buy to try out, but we got a container of it in a little gift bag at a work function of Airbear's. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I also made a big pot of chili last night. Vegetarian, too, but more for cost reasons than out of any moral disinclination to eat meat. But don't tell LaRue that, I'm sure she is thinking I'm reforming. Ha.

Anyway, stocking the fridge back up so that we can continue trying to eat inexpensively. We have been doing so well at not spending money that I still had eight hundred dollars left in my checking account when I got paid on Friday!!!!11! Zomg! But then I paid bills and bought some plane tickets and used my entire paycheck (plus about $300 of that exciting surplus) within a matter of hours. Oh well, the bills are all paid for the month and I will be getting another paycheck in T minus 12 days. And counting. Really counting.

Did well over the weekend, between Airbear working (and eating at work), the snow (i.e., reluctance to step outside my door), and my inability to find certain exorbitantly priced Christmas gifts I wanted to buy. So there's a few days of success, and today I sort of spent $0 again.

Except I sort of didn't spend $0. I actually spent about $200 on a Christmas gift, via my mom, who has this singularly unbelievable amount of positive video game karma. Whenever I want to buy things that are sold out or impossible to find, she manages to locate the one store in the state that has only one left in stock. She is a highly valuable super secret weapon in the quest to buy video games, and I shall hoard her all to myself. Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha. HA HA! All my other sucker gamer-nerd friends will have to find their own super secret game-hunting weapons.

In summary, I have been doing good...but today was very bad. But it was awesome because it will be a super Christmas present, and Christmas only comes once a year!! Plus, I only have a very small number[1] of presents left to buy, and then I will be able to keep my spending under much better control at least until my mom's birthday in May. ;)

[1] This small number unfortunately includes another of those damnable hijack presents I hate so very hard. I got my invitation to the office holiday party (which, thankfully, is at the same time as our Friday Morning Meeting(TM) this week, meaning a) the meeting will be a party and b) I won't have to attend/try-to-make-Airbear-attend an after-hours holiday party). The downsize is that I have to buy another one of those "$10 limit, pick a good gift that people will want to steal!" hijack presents. A-holes. I hope I buy a $9.10 jar of M&Ms ($9.10 to allow for sales tax), and our boss accidentally thinks $10 = $10K and gives me a yacht. Let's see. ;)

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