Friday, December 14, 2007

Results: Month 1

You are never going to believe this.

So I scrimped and saved and didn't indulge, and I held my breath for the last week on a $60 checking account balance. But I finally got paid today (whoo!), paid my remaining two bills for the month, and tossed another big chunk at one of the credit card balances. I left myself a little "cushion" this time, because of Christmas, but I have nearly all my presents bought so that cushion should pretty much stay put (and if it survives the holiday, I'm throwing most of it at another credit card). I could probably through another $200 at my debt and still be safe, but you never know what might happen over the holidays (i.e., my mom, Airbear and I might all need massages and/or margaritas).

Anyway, that's not the unbelievable part. Now that all the December bills are paid, I totalled up all the payments I have made to credit cards this month.

(Drum roll, please.)

Monthly total credit card debt reduction: $2,742.19

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