Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the meantime..

...sorry, no big financial update here :) Still waiting for payday and just trying to curb spending in the meantime. Airbear's been recovering from dental surgery the last few days so I bought a bunch of soft/liquid food but otherwise it's been pretty quiet around here. A little boring, but boring is cheap, so there's that :) He's being a trooper, too. Just eating his pudding and soup without complaint. He also thanked me for taking care of him, and said, "I'm glad I have a partner... someone I can rely on. I don't know what I would have done back in (the place he used to live before he met me)."

Awww. He's a good one.

Sticking around the house to keep an eye on him while he's doped up has also had the positive side effect of some forced work time, and guess what - I finished the portfolio!! Everything is submitted to my teacher for approval, and as soon as she okay's it (which I think she will, without changes, if the past is any indication) I will get to print out the remaining five entries, stick them in the binder, and call it done. I don't think I've really realized that it's finished yet, because I keep thinking "Oh, I should work on ...." ha! I don't have to anymore, take that! I'm always confused for awhile when a big project ends and I don't have something to stress out over ;)

Anyway, that's the news from here. Will post later this week when I pay off the 0% card and have a big exciting update figure!

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