Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I called up Vanguard and opened a brand spankin' new Roth account. I'm going to roll over the funds in the Roth at my current broker, because their fees are way too high. I did a bunch of research into different mutual fund companies, I read a few investment books, and I looked up all the data on different mutual funds that would match my desired asset allocation. Yes. I made a "desired asset allocation." Of my own. With my actual brain.

I called four different mutual fund companies numerous times to get all of my question answered, and I kept calling back until I really understood what was offered. I chose a company whose customer service had been demonstrated as excellent (repeatedly), which also happened to be the company with the lowest expenses, an easy-to-use online interface, AND longer (wider? bigger?) operating hours in case I actually need to talk to a human being. I even laid out which of their funds I will be investing in (eventually, when I have enough to meet the minimum in multiple funds), but for now I can start with a lower-minimum, pretty conservatively allocated but strongly performing fund.

I went online and made a call, and now the account is open, the check is in the mail, and the rollover is in progress.

When I hung up the phone, I felt a tremendous surge of power--and no, before you ask, I had not spilled my pepsi on the power strip or anything of the sort. I just felt that I am taking financial control of my life. I am smart enough to do this, I am dedicated enough to do this, and I can do it on my own: I don't need a broker to do things for me (and sock me with a bunch of fees on the sly), and I don't need to be scared of the big bad investing world. I am a powerful and intelligent woman, and while I might not have very much money, I am going to do amazing things with that little bit, and make it grow bigger and bigger.

Just you watch!

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