Monday, November 16, 2009

Seriously, this is just embarrassing

October Redux:
No-Spend Days: 24
No Eating Out Days: 29 (!)
Extra Income: $ ($18.40 from surveys & $11.68 interest)
Progress Toward Savings Goal: 81.01%
Retirement Savings: $193.80
“Healthy” Days (eating well or working out): 5
Books Finished: 3
Times Flossed:
Progress on 2009 Goals:
  • have kept my card paid off each month – monthly goal MET!
  • kept my credit union savings/checking account balances above $750 in each account to take advantage of the special rate – monthly goal MET!
  • met all of the monthly requirements for my Checking ++ account – monthly goal MET!
  • continued contributing to my SIMPLE IRA (w/matching) – monthly goal MET!
  • took the tuition money I had saved and deposited it in my nephews’/niece’s tuition accounts – goal MET!
  • have continued to contribute little amounts to my vacations/gifts funds, and have not spent money on those two things without saving it first – monthly goal MET!
  • kept my “Little EF” above $1,000
  • continued contributing to my “Big EF
  • continued to post on the No-/Controlled-Spend thread
  • continued dancing, although dance classes are down to once a week because of a late schedule at work. The projector is fixed now, though, so hopefully I can get myself motivated to start Wii Fit-ing again!
  • am doing very well with surveys – got some more recommendations from a No-spend friend and have been really trying to get them done before they expire (which is pretty quickly). The fun side of this is that now I am more frequently getting little prize checks in the mail - $3 here, $6.10 there, but a lot more fun to get little checks in the mail than it used to be to get BILLS in the mail!
  • did pretty well being patient, even though I am feeling pretty impatient with work being so slow!
  • did well keeping in touch this month – many birthdays and events in October!

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