Monday, November 16, 2009

What two (years) can do

As you may or may not remember, I started my Debt Destruction Resolution (TM!) in November 2007. As I've just hit the two-year anniversary of that decision this week, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where two years has brought me. No, scratch that. That is way too passive of a sentence. Rather I'm going to reflect on what I HAVE DONE in two years!
  • paid off my car
  • paid off all my credit cards
  • become completely consumer debt free
  • started multiple savings accounts
  • created multiple (albeit small) income streams
  • taken advantage of special rate offers from multiple banks to maximize return
  • started a Roth IRA
  • worked up to the point where I am able to fully fund a Roth within one calendar year
  • contributed enough to my regular retirement to get the full company match
  • established annual savings goals and am on my way to reaching them
  • started planning ahead so my expenses are easy to cover without using credit
  • have reduced my monthly expenses by more than half
  • have saved over four months' worth of expenses in an Emergency Fund
  • have kept more than $2,000 of "short term emergency" money in the bank for over a year
  • have paid off a combined total of $29,638.63 worth of debt (including the car, cards, loan, and payments toward the school loan)
  • put 63% of my income for year one toward getting debt free
  • have so far this year saved over 50% of my income (yes, really!)
And here's a real big kicker:

I am only $1,581.07 away from having a positive net worth - INCLUDING the student loan.

I think that's pretty amazing. That means I have increased my overall net worth by $46,667.22 in the last two years. Not bad on a $36k/yr salary, I think. :)

This calls for a HAPPY DANCE!

Okay, peeps, show me your happy dance ;)


K.R. said...

I won't embarrass myself by dancing but I will say how freakin' proud I am to see you acknowledging all that you've done! The simple passing of time does not accomplish anything, making changes and sticking to them does! You're really an inspiration for all those people who think small incomes or large debt amounts are insurmountable. Congrats!

noneehartley said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment.Suffice it to say I'm as bad as someone else about getting back to things!I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you. Dad and I NEVER were disciplined or smart enough to get our ducks in a row while you were young. We are only now beginning to get ahead, own things and take vacations with out paying for it the rest of the year.We're starting to help the grandkids because of you. Let's hope a small start on college will set them on the right path.You have had a major impact on your family. Now if we can only get your brother on board! That Airbear is one lucky fellow. XO to infinity and beyond!!!!

nitza said...

I am just speechless. xo