Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back from Siberia

Just kidding. I haven't been anywhere. Just busy or, when not busy, lazy ;)

But I finally have pictures of the house!

I bought the multi-colored rug in the main living room (as opposed to the 'piano living room') with my very own monies. It was insanely expensive, as I discovered room-size rugs happen to be. However, I feel like a Real Grown-Up (TM) for buying it, and it does feel nice and homey. (As opposed to "nice and homie," which I originally typed, but which would refer to something else entirely.) Anyway, I am loving the condo. I even got Airbear to go through a big stack of paper crap that he had been letting pile up. As any of you who own a home know, you get a shit-ton of catalogues in the mail. I think this is a new experience for Airbear, and he still feels like he wants to look through them all before he recycles them. Of course, this is stupid, because if he wanted to buy anything, he would buy it on teh internets anyway. I am sure the fit will pass soon.

That or I will just start recycling all the catalogues :)

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