Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day Two

I took lunch again today and have so far spent $0. So far, so good.

Tonight is Industry Night which usually means we go to The Garage and eat a bunch of delicious (if terribly unhealthy and, more importantly for our current purposes, expensive) food. I don't usually drink there, because it sucks to walk there and they have parking. I'd rather drive and drink diet cokes. Besides, their drinks are moderately overpriced and, well, moderate. But still, the food is a chunk of change.

So the plan is this: I am eating some reheated shepherd's pie (mm, garlic mashed potatoes) before Airbear gets home, and then we can go to Industry Night and I'll just drink soda and hang out. They'll probably give me the soda for free anyway--most bars do, assuming you must be the D.D. I'm sure the waitress would like it better if I spent $50 on food and drinks, but I'm sure the rest of the geeks present will spend enough to make up for me anyway.

We will see if this plan works. :)

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