Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well my $0 continued throughout Saturday. Then Sunday I bought a birthday present and some groceries - necessary from time to time, I suppose ;) I still did pretty well, though, and only spent $67. Today I spent $0 as well, so that makes a whole week with only $67 spent. Not bad at all! I am going to try to be good tomorrow and during the day Wednesday, and then LaRue, Gary and I will be driving to Spocompton for Turkey-Day weekend. This will of course necessitate some expenditures for gas (ugh), but I will try to avoid additional expenditures for things like delicious chicken fries.

Also, Friday is, of course, Black Friday, and we will be out shop-shop-shopping. However, I am going to make a list before I go, and I am not going to buy a bunch of crap I don't need. I will be greatly aided in this by the fact that I will not be buying gifts for my brothers' kids (as I already contributed to their education, and that is all they get). I will most likely look for little (and on mega-sale!!1) girly presents to give people like my sister-in-law and grandmas. Possibly a gadget for my dad. Hopefully there will be lots of salez and I will do very well on my goal. I am hoping to spend under $200. That seems possible, right?

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