Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back on my "A Game"...

....whatever that means!

For me, it means that this weekend I got caught up enough to spend some time leisure reading (if you can believe that) and also made a big pot of chili and a bit pot of tortilla soup. I also bought a bunch of healthy groceries, and plan to cook a delicious dinner tomorrow night, consisting of this and this with probably some wild rice. Possibly even an appetizer. Imagine!

Anyway LaRue and I cooked all day and watched sex in the city. Nice :)

I also had a great night last night at the pub chatting it up with Leo and Airbear in the pub, along with my little friend Grinz. It was all fun and adorable. It followed some excruciatingly boring sitting around at S&Js while J and our old 'friend' Crazy talked on and on about vitamins and workout routines. It was Crazy's birthday, though, so it was obligatory. At least it got to end on a charming note.

Starting tomorrow, I shall hire on that new Spanish teacher, reduce some of my own teaching load, and start packing the Seattle campus full of new students! Wish me luck for week 2 :)

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