Friday, September 7, 2007

Week 1 over. And in a revelation that will shock and amaze you, I am actually feeling ... caught up.

Actually, I'm feeling caught up with a slight tinge of panic, because part of me believes that someone must have actually hidden all the things I was supposed to have to do today. I swear I had at least 20 student binders/programs to prepare, and I actually only had to do about five. What's more, because I thought I had 20 to do, I began them with gusto and determination. Accordingly, the 5 student binders I actually had to do got done quickly and I even had to - get this - wait around for it to be 3pm so my interview candidate could show up. I had some spare time to clean out the email inbox a little and make an organized to-do stack for next week. I feel like there must be something wrong for me to be able to be this caught up. I am thoroughly confused. I will update you on Monday when I discover the remaining butt-ton of things I was actually supposed to have to do today, mysteriously reappearing back on my desk. Surely, that must occur.

Speaking of interviews, I had scheduled two of them for today so that I could hire a Spanish teacher to come and start work for me next week. Even though it was supposed to be my day off, it was very important that I come into work and do this because otherwise there is a Spanish student on my schedule for the week and the only Espanol I habla is "uno grande burriTo con queso, por favor," and I am pretty sure that that is not 100% correct. (But if it gets you a burriTo, who cares, right?). Anyway, my first interview didn't even show. My theory is that she arrived, looked at the sign on the door that said we're closed Fridays, and ignored the fact that the lights were all on, believed the sign, and did not try the door to see if anyone was there. Whatever, I still think she is dumb. I will not reward a lack of curiosity/resourcefulness with employment!

My second interview, however, more than made up for it. Not only did the person speak Spanish (as was requested in the ad), but she could also teach math up through calculus. And not only that, but she had the same name as both my boyfriend and my life partner! (My boyfriend and my life partner, if you don't know, are two different people of two different genders who coincidentally happen to have the same name because God knows I can't remember more than one name.) She lives in town, she wants to work for me for at least a year, and she eventually plans on going into the same education graduate program that I went into, so she was impressed with me and interested. I think she looks up to me already. I shall hire her and make her my minion.

Oh, and speaking of minions (!), my Big Boss Lady (yes, the crazy one), said she had an email requesting an internship from some girl in the MA Ed policy program at Univ. Phoenix online. The girl has to work for a school and learn stuff about administration at a school and she wants to work at our school (who knows why), but the catch is she has to work under someone with a Master's, so that basically leaves BBL and myself, since the two other lovely ladies w/Masterses work in admissions and curriculum development, respectively. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I would have my very own minion who would do administrative tasks, learn from me, and work unpaid. On the other, it seems as if I would have to let her do responsibility-type things, like talk to parents, handle files, create student programs, maybe participate in enrollment meetings. And I don't know if I'm into all that. I kind of like it better when there are not additional people getting "all up in my business," as the kids would say. Because what if she screws things up and then I have to deal with the mess? Plus, it's a business built on relationships, so I want the parents (and kids, of course) developing a relationship with me, not someone who's going to be gone in a few months. That just seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. I don't know, what do you think? Oh and also the "site supervisor" (which would be me) is supposed to get a $500 stipend for participating and doing all this mentoring. But I don't know if that $500 actually goes to me or to the school. You know what side logical reason would bet on.

So anyway work seems to be going spectacularly well, and if this week keeps up, perhaps I will ... get ready for it ... not have to go into work next Friday (!!!!!!1). A whole day off. I can hardly imagine. Well, I still have a dentist appointment that day. But sleeping in til 2 and getting my teeth cleaned is nothing compared to the last x number of weeks.

I left work at about 4 today, thrilled with the word and ready to celebrate. Had other people been home, I probably would have put on my party pants, gone to a club, and shook my booty til the sun came up (after it went down, of course, this was only 4pm after all). Alas, everyone was at work for 3 more hours so I came home and watched this silly British show called Coupling and relaxed with the kitties. LaRue came over later and we watched this other silly show (American, and sluttier, surprise) called Sex and the City. Or teh citay, as LaRue would say. Even Airbear watched a bit when he got home, although I'm not sure it made a lot of sense to him. It does sort of shoot waves of estrogen right out of the screen, after all. But I have to say that sitting between my boyfriend and my life partner and collectively eating ice cream out of the pint while watching a sitcom episode about vibrators was quite an entertaining way to spend an evening. Not quite booty-shakin-til-dawn, but it'll do ;)

Happy Weekend!!

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