Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 1 (sort of)


* The power went out this morning about 15 minutes into our first class, so I taught for 45 minutes in the dim light of my front office. But the kid was really nice.

* The power went back on just in time for the second class. Thank goodness.

* Six different parents called wanting to change their children's schedules all around. This sounds like a minor pain in the ass. It actually is a very large one. I got two of them solved.

* One of my teachers, let's call her Cotton, started whining because she has to be at work 11 hours per day. Keep in mind, since we are open four days a week, a full-time employee (which she is) works four 10-hour days. With a 1-hour lunch, that means you are at work 11 hours. But she's been taking half-hour lunches and leaving early, and now that she can't do that (because she has a student first hour and last hour), she's whining about not being able to leave early. I told her that I sympathized, because I know that leaving after 7:30 stinks. After all, I was there til after 7:30 on Friday. (I hope she will realize that we do not actually work on Friday, so that means I work a million more hours than her and she should shut up.)

* Two of my other teachers are brilliant, reliable, calm, efficient, and ever so helpful. I might buy them candy.

* Ever since I started at Seattle campus, I look up at the clock thinking it is 10am and it is instead 5:30pm. It is interesting. I hope that the feeling continues when I am caught up, and my days at work always go by quick as a breeze!

Enrollment meetings tomorrow.. keep your fingers crossed for me that I can fit them into the ever-changing schedule somewhere :)

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