Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can I get a hallelujah!

So my meeting with the procert woman went well. Really, really well. She answered my questions--as it turns out, one of the things I was worrying about doesn't even apply to me, and another one can be easily changed. We didn't even have to rewrite my plan or anything. In fact, going through my plan, I realized how much work I have already done. Much more than I thought.

Anyway, she also showed me about a dozen sample portfolios of various subjects/age ranges, and even let me photocopy some for references/layout suggestions. She had a folder prepared for me with information about the portfolio requirements (information that she usually hands out in the interim "refining seminar" this fall that she suggested I not take because it is BS and it would bore me to death--yeah, I heart her for that too). So now I have specific requirements, a framework, even samples to look at. There is still an enormous amount of work to do to put the portfolio together, but in theory I could do it all right now. Of course I do not need to, because the "culminating seminar" during which we do put the portfolio is not until February (and lasts until June, leaving me plenty of work time then). But knowing what it will be supposed to look like will greatly facilitate my gathering stuff for it now. And, in moments of feverish productivity (they do strike me from time to time, those moments), it will allow me to even work ahead. Man, do I ever love working ahead.

My biggest task for the immediate future will be registering for, beginning, and completing my two SPU distance learning classes. I need to earn 9 total credits for my "core development activities," but I had already done a seminar which offered 1 credit. I am in the process of sending a transcript to the Univ. to make sure that credit gets accepted, and then I will only need 8 credits. And actually, I am going to another conference next Saturday (at 8:15am, boo, but at least it's at the Univ. and that is close by). It doesn't say anything about clock hours or credits on the flyer, but I am going to check it out and make sure. If that did have one credit (it couldn't possibly be worth more than one), then I would only need 7. Whether I need to earn 7 or 8 will decide which SPU classes I take, so I need to find this out first. Then I will sign up and begin distance learning like mad. All credit courses need to be completed (and, I assume, transcripts sent) by February when culminating begins.

Long story short, I am feeling very relieved about this whole procert thing. It is all in practical (and manageable) terms now, and that is much better. I even got all my paperwork and the evidence I have gathered so far organized and put into files for easy access. I'm even reading a dyslexia book for one of my development projects, and have done about eighteen loads of laundry today.

Go me!

P.S. I am celebrating by drinking hot cocoa and eating cookies :)

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